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Lockdown motivation for training has been lacking especially with races being cancelled, having a training plan to fall back on has been invaluable. Completing the activity and marking it ‘green’ inTraining Peaks is the highlight of my day! 

The plans are adaptive to my chaotic lifestyle and no two

weeks are ever the same. My running has never been so consistent, Crawford has set mini goals throughout the last year to target – so far, I have set a PB at everyone.

Now there is an end in sight for lockdown I’m excited to test my fitness in races, I’m certain there will be big improvements compared to last race season.

Mari Lawson


Having my training plan during lockdown has provided me with a sense of normality and structure at a time when everything else felt pretty hopeless.

Having the plan set out in Training Peaks meant I was accountable and could focus on each day or week at a time as well as having goals for the month, so there was always a reason to look forward. Most important of all, it has given me such a sense of achievement, as I’ve been able to see and feel my progress, particularly in my running where my times have just gotten faster and faster. I genuinely love my training, something I never thought I’d hear myself say!

Seonaid McLachlan

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